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Since years, the percentage of total retail sales that ecommerce accounts for has increased with each quarter. It is encouraging news that the market is healthy, but it also indicates increasing competition. It can be difficult and more expensive for every ecommerce store. It is important to attract the right customers.

There are many levers that you can use to maximize your ecommerce marketing campaigns. It’s the right time to get started with the busy holiday season around the corner.

1. Google Shopping ads can reach shoppers in your market
Google Shopping campaigns should be an easy choice for all ecommerce companies. Shopping campaigns allow you to prominently advertise products right at the moment people search for them. Your Shopping ads can include product photos, price points and ratings as well as other important information that allows customers to “add it to my cart”.

Once you upload a product datafeed (a master sheet that describes key attributes for your products) to Google Merchant Center and connect your Merchant Center account directly to Google Ads, Google will generate ads for your products every time a user searches for the relevant query.

2. Remarket them with display ads
Our Google Shopping benchmarks report indicates that the average Google Shopping shopping conversion rate is slightly below 2%. According to this report, around 2% of all clicks from Google Shopping ads lead to purchases. Does this mean shopping campaigns are a waste or a waste of time. Nope. It doesn’t. A click can be a valuable interaction between your company and your prospect, even if it does not immediately lead to a sales sale.

Here’s the meaning of the 2% conversion ratio: If you want to get these shoppers back to your website, you may have to do some extra work. Remarketing is the solution.

Remarketing boosts your ecommerce sales because it attracts back-the fence shoppers. It’s possible to remind them about the shoes that they were interested in last week. Perhaps they are now ready to buy.

3. Use Instagram Shopping to convert likes and followers into sales
Since long, it has been the belief that social marketing is better for brand awareness than search marketing. Search (including Google Shopping), are certainly good ways to convert low-funnel leads, and social media is definitely a good channel to reach new people, but this absolute distinction is decreasing in validity every year.

Once you create an Instagram profile for your business and upload a product catalog, you can tag your products in Stories posts and your organic feed. Your organic content is now available to all users. Users don’t have to go to your website in order to buy a product. All they need to do is click on the product of their choice and follow the link.

4. Encourage customer reviews to build trust
So, you’ve recently started using Shopping on Instagram. You’re seeing a lot of traffic to your product page pages. However, sales are not increasing at an alarming rate. Is there an ecommerce marketing technique you could use to improve your conversion rate

Yup: customer testimonials. Because consumers have limited discretionary income, they are more cautious about spending money. Customer reviews can be more persuasive than glowing reviews written by customers who have already purchased products from you. You can convert more customers to your site by posting reviews and ratings on your product pages.

5. Pop-ups are a great way to increase cross-selling.
Pop-ups can be a great way to enhance your ecommerce marketing strategy. They are pop-ups that allow site visitors to temporarily take over their screens and present additional offers. Pop-ups allow you to offer a discount to your potential customers or add another product to your shopping cart.

Yes, I do. Pop-ups don’t have a good reputation. However, there are reasons they are so prevalent. They work! Particularly when they are used to provide people with legitimately relevant deals, such as a BOGO sale or a limited time discount. These can be a great way to generate additional revenue for you business if they are used properly.

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