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Our featured vendor of the month!


Magenta Home came into being when Ian and Cindy Shurville retired from their office jobs but weren’t quite ready for rocking chairs! Both have always been creative so they decided it was time to put their creative energy into practice by building and finishing home decor trays, planters, furniture and other one-of-a-kind pieces. People loved that each piece was unique and made from local, reclaimed and recycled barn wood sourced from the Foothills. Not only did each piece have a story but the wood was also saved from winding up in a landfill or fire pit! As fast as Ian could build them, they would sell.

Cindy has always sewn and loves decorating and redecorating (and redecorating!) but was frustrated by the lack of fabulous fabrics in Calgary. During one new project she could not find pillows anywhere that were just right so thought if she was having this problem maybe other people were. On one of their frequent jaunts to Las Vegas she visited a material store and the pillow side of Magenta Home was born. Empty suitcase goes to Las Vegas to be filled with fabulous fabrics that are then made into beautiful pillows! Normally 3 to 5 pillows are created from each pattern so they become unique and one of a kind.

 Magenta Home is very pleased to be recently have been featured in Western Living Magazine’s April issue and has also had a feature in the Okotoks Western Wheel. 

 Ian and Cindy love being part of the Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market family and to have a permanent home to showcase their product.