We are open Thursday to Sunday 11am-8pm.

Our featured vendor of the month!


Irvings Farm is a small family farm located near Round Hill, Alberta. Their goal is excellence in all things pork! If you are looking for delicious, nutritious, free range and locally sourced pork, wish to support your local farmer, and want to know where your meat comes from and how it is produced, then Irvings Farm is your supplier. Everything they do is simply made, and simply delicious!

Irvings Farm is home to a herd of free range Berkshire pigs. The pigs are raised in an extensive, natural environment in which confinement and stress are minimized. The quality, flavour and succulence of the Berkshire pork come from the breed and the way it has been raised – slowly!

All products are simply made using traditional methods, made from homegrown and locally sourced pork. Their goal is to produce pork to make every meal amazing!

Irvings bacon was recently voted as #1 Best Bacon in the Vue Weekly Golden Fork Awards!

They do not use any wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs or soy in their facility, so all products made are free from those ingredients. (Except pastry products that are made in a different facility).