Avenida Food Hall & Fresh Market is not your average market. We provide an experience that builds on culture and community. We bring together in a beautiful, modern space the very best vendors selling a wide variety of food products and other market goods.

Our philosophy centres on providing Calgarians with a valuable and memorable experience while also ensuring the products our vendors carry come from sustainable and transparent sources. 

Whether joining us to enjoy a ready-to-eat meal or drink prepared by one of our acclaimed cuisine curators or classy cafés, to do some grocery shopping with our industry leading produce purveyors or brilliant butchers, or to pick up a gift from one of our fantastic florists or artful artisans, we want each one of our guests to value and remember their visit.

We also expect our guests to leave knowing any product they viewed, purchased, sampled, or consumed was sourced with sustainability and transparency in mind.    

Taking food to a whole new level
— John Gilchrist, renowned food critic for the Calgary Herald